Reclaim your joy this holiday season in our Meant for {Content}ment Advent Challenge

Do you sense your feelings of unfulfillment or discontent grow as you scroll through your social media feed? You were meant for contentment. What if this Advent Season, instead of holiday angst, you truly found peace?

Meant for contentment

The Meant for {Content}ment Advent Challenge

  • Revisit your holiday expectations
  • Revive your soul with a weekly video of encouragement and verse to calm your anxious thoughts
  • Recharge your heart with a weekly interactive devotional
  • Reverse spiraling thoughts and swirling emotions and focus on the Prince of Peace

Don't allow less than ideal circumstances to steal your joy this holiday season.

Are you navigating difficult family dynamics? Feeling especially lonely during the holidays?
Battling budgetary demands, dealing with disappointment that your family doesn't look like a Hallmark movie? Feel like you're missing out on some secret other women know on how to create amazing holiday memories?

If you're already answering these questions in your mind, then this challenge was meant for you. 

Hear what other people have to say...

Sometimes I go through things in my personal life and think, “How can I get through this? Erica helped me understand, I can do it, with God’s help and He will help me!”

~ Roslyn T.

A wonderful message full of laughter as well as deep, spiritual encouragement. Exactly what I needed.

~ Edana R.

If you are looking to go beyond "inspirational" look no further than Erica. Because of her deep command and love for Scripture, Erica will challenge and change you.

~ Beth

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